About Me


writer • reader • traveler • failed chemistry student • dogmom

I am a nonfiction lyric essayist interested in the correlational between identity and the natural world. Generally, my essays contemplate the intricate relationship of nature v. nurture and the effects that relationship has on a person.

My work has contributed to the Seattle art installation, Anastacia-Reneé: Poetry in a Time of Chaos and has been honored by New Millennium Writings 

Mirroring my time lived on both the East and West, my work is bicoastal and hybrid in form and geographical style. I am currently working on a collection of personal essays as an MFA candidate at University of Central Florida in nonfiction. As a Pisces, one can locate me by water and residing on either coast. I currently live in Orlando with my dog Theo, who does not appreciate all the large reptiles out to get him.